Popping up at Country Living London

Hello Flock

Come and see Goose Collection at The Country Living Magazine Fair at The Business Design Centre Islington.

Step into the world of the magazine and see the pages come alive.

Preview our new AW Collection and pick up a sample for a fraction of the price in our Christmas sample sale.

End of line winter accessories make great gift buys and the prices will make treating yourself to a sweater guilt free.

See you there x

Sustainable Sources

Here at Goose we want you to fall in love with our garments, make memories in them and keep them for many years. Therefore, we use only natural fibres in our designs.

Our yarn suppliers are leaders in the knitwear industry pioneering the way with new ideas and standards. They are active members of key organisations such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and the Swedish Textile Water Initiative.


Our Cotton comes from suppliers that are members of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) which aims to make cotton production and its supply chain better for all concerned. One of its main aims is to support and educate the farmers in rural areas that produce cotton.

Cotton is a soft and absorbent fibre that regulates the body temperature. It is a natural material that does not require an intensive chemical process for it to be made into clothing. These are all the reasons we find it a perfect all year round option.


Goose cashmere comes from Outer Mongolia and is sustainably and ethically produced. The Mongolian cashmere goats live in extremely cold climates. To insulate themselves from the conditions they grow an inner insulating hair, this is called cashmere. Mongolian cashmere is considered to be one of the longest cashmere fibre in the world which makes it the best quality cashmere.

Cashmere is well known for its insulating properties up to eight times that of wool.It maintains the body temperature and is super soft and durable. On average a cashmere goat produces 150 grams of fibre and it takes 300 grams to make a sweater. This is why a cashmere sweater demands a certain price. Looked after and taken care of a sweater of this quality can last many years.


Merino wool has been a favourite of ours for many years. It is a versatile fibre that we consider to be ideal for all seasons. Merino sheep are able to live in extreme conditions both hot and cold which makes their hair perfect for all environments. Its fibre is half the size of regular wool, therefore making it more flexible which results in a softer and more durable yarn. This amazing wool is washable and dries quickly.

Merino wool has temperature regulating properties. When the weather is cold it locks in warmth by keeping heat in its tiny air pockets, which helps to maintain the body’s natural temperature. In contrast, in warmer temperatures, merino wool has the capability to wick away moisture from the skin. The fibres also have natural antibacterial properties.

So go ahead and choose your favourite natural yarns and you can be sure to be comfortable in Goose.

Slow Fashion

At Goose we believe in slow fashion. That means we make garments in good quality materials that are classic and timeless.

By using natural and breathable yarns we ensure that our clothes are a pleasure to wear. We favour fibres that wear well with age and that can be easily repaired.

Our clothes are made to be worn often. We hope that you will value them and make them part of your own everyday wardrobe. We design styles that ignore fluctuating trends but go on season after season.

We follow the principles of recycling, reusing and reducing our demands on the earth’s resource. Therefore transportation of the majority of our goods takes the slow route by sea.

We collaborate with factories that hold many of the certifications and memberships to fair-trade and environmental platforms. We are aware that all our actions have consequences and we continue to make changes where we can.

Fashion can be a deliberate choice to buy better quality items at a fair price less often. Our job is to make clothes that are environmentally and ethically conscious by producing styles in small batches.

With slow fashion comes transparency. We want to share with you our identity, our creativity and make you part of our process. We are proud to tell you the story behind the brand.

A little about who we are…..

It all started with a campervan and a calendar of shows over a decade ago. The aim was to use all of the skills that I had gathered over the past 20 years within the fashion Industry and turn them into a concept that was a commercial venture.I often get asked why the name ‘Goose’? The answer is closely related to the name that I used to call my Mother when I was a child. It’s also a playful name that we can have lots of fun with. The first being the initial tag we used ‘find your feathers’. Goose is all about being comfortable in what we are wearing. This is the general ethos of the range, ‘Feel good in Goose’ being the current message. 

Lottie Knit Cardigan – Harbour

Throughout the business, we work with the general feeling that if it feels right then we go with our instincts. We work with partners across the globe in various aspects of the business and have developed strong relations with companies that share our values.

Based in Derbyshire we are very fortunate to be inspired by our landscape the nature of the rugged moors and the epic change of seasons. We have interpreted this visual inspiration into exclusive hand drawn prints that intertwine within the range to add highlights and depth.

Goose is an easy-to-wear collection of wardrobe staples. The brand offers a clear concise look and has developed over the years with a signature colour palette that is easily recognisable.

We think we have achieved a collection that transcends the seasons. Easy wear winners in premium yarns and lightweight layers with exceptionally soft hand feel.

I hope that you like the new direction Goose has taken and to many of our customers who have been with us from the start, I hope that you continue to enjoy feeling good in Goose.

The Person Behind the Brand


I am Jacqueline Ricci, the founder of British clothing brand Goose Collection. I live and work in the Peak District. This rugged and dramatic landscape is a constant source of inspiration for many of my designs.

Goose Collection began around eight years ago with the aim of bringing affordable cashmere to the market. I started my fashion career on the shop floor and I have made my way up through the business mainly as a Fashion Stylist and a Commercial Director for a well-known designer. With over twenty years experience working in the UK fashion industry, I believe that I have a timeless brand that is a culmination of all my knowledge and insight.