A Considered Spring Refresh

Image Goose Collection 2017 photographer Alex Lambrechts

It’s that time of year when the sun is low in the sky. It’s starting to look like spring is calling, yet you step outside, and it’s cold. Now is the perfect time to think about the new season ahead and plan your wardrobe for the warmer weather. We know its hard to think about the summer when the sky is so grey, but you will be happy you did a little planning when the sun starts to shine as, inside the fashion circles, we all know that the ‘good stuff’ goes first.

“Lots of clothes but nothing to wear”, is a saying I used to hear often in my role as a stylist, this is usually down to an absence of planning and buying whatever takes your fancy or grabbing ‘knockdowns’ in the sales. Often items are too small or too big, and the co-ordination of things just doesn’t work.

The first question I used to ask my clients was… “what does your life look like most days.” Owning up to this is the first step, we aren’t all attending film premiers every weekend or jetting off on exotic holidays. I once had a friend that had a wardrobe full of kaftans, yet she never got the chance to go anywhere warm enough to wear them. Most of us live in the reality of school runs and supermarket trips. Armed with this knowledge and acceptance, you can start to carve out a considered update.

Where are last years clothes?

Normally I like to pack away the season I’m not wearing, then when I pull it out, it feels like I have some new pieces as I often forget what I have. With a few new additions, my old wardrobe will soon look like I’ve been on a fabulous shopping spree. By adding a few new styles as an update and injecting it with the new season’s colours, I find it wakes up utility pieces and wardrobe workers.

Image Goose Collection 2017 photographer Alex Lambrechts

Years as a personal stylist has taught me that clothing needs to suit our identity and reflect our personality. It needs to be suitable for our day to day needs, and we must feel comfortable in every piece we own. It should also be easy to care for if we don’t have lots of time on our hands, so its good to choose natural fibres like cotton and linen that will launder easily and dry quickly. Such fibres also regulate body temperature, making them a good option in summer and winter.

When creating new styles for the collection we have a 5 rule check list 🖐

  • Is it an easy piece that will work for our wearers on a day to day basis?
  • Is it soft to the skin?
  • Is it easy to care for – washable?
  • Can it mix with other items as a capsule collection?
  • Will it still feel classic in 10 years?

Go through your wardrobe with our checklist in mind and take out clothing that no longer works for you. Make a list of items you need to add so that other clothing starts to get worn.

Image Goose Collection 2016 photographer Alex Lambrechts

Here at Goose, we favour natural fibres as we love the way they feel and look. The new season showcases this with our latest collection of organic cotton. This cotton is natural and grown without the use of chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides.  It’s better for the farmer and the environment, and we hope to have this yarn permanently in our collection going forward. Cotton is a soft and absorbent fibre that regulates body temperature. It is a natural material that does not require an intensive chemical process for it to be made into clothing. It is also biodegradable.

As a considered brand, we create styles that are easy to relate to and have a classic, timeless appeal. We don’t follow fashion trends but give the nod to them instead. We aren’t anti-fashion but feel that slow fashion sits with our brand values. We understand the impact that the fashion industry has on the planet 💚 and want to play our part in changing this.

We are a small brand with many restraints, but we are making changes each day with an ethical ethos in mind. If you love the new direction and our story, please let us know by heading over to our Facebook page and leaving a comment or give us a review on one of our platforms we would love to hear from you.
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Have a great day and thanks for reading.
Jacqueline Ricci – Founder and Creative Director

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