What does it mean to be Fashion Conscious?

March 17th 2019

The Conscious Consumer

A fashion conscious consumer is someone that is aware of the negative effects of purchasing items that are not produced in a sustainable or ethical way. It is somebody that considers what they buy and how they will use it.

The high street shops have a responsibility to offer clothing that is of better quality and of a more classic design. So much fashion is produced with no other thought than of the bottom line. These are often items that are produced in large volumes by high street brands in inferior man-made fabrics. The fits are often disappointing and the sizing unrealistic.

Brand Awareness

Understanding the language that brands use to communicate their message can be confusing. They may use terms such as ethical, sustainable, fair trade or slow fashion. All of which mean different things. At Goose we have tried to simplify the terms we use to show you the way we work and to help you become more fashion conscious

Ethical fashion – concerns the human rights of the person producing the clothing.

Sustainable fashion – refers to the environmental and social aspects to sustaining overall the possibilities for future generations.

Slow fashion – refers to the clothing item itself, a term coined by Professor Kate Fletcher of the centre of sustainable fashion at The London College of Fashion Slow fashion has sustainable and ethical aspects. Read more about what slow fashion means to Goose.

Fair Trade – defined simply is when the person producing the goods get a fair price for their work. Choosing who to work with is a conscious decision and is based on many factors. We believe that when a garment is made fair, it produces a better end product, happier producers and happy customers.

So how can you make a change?

The Power Of One

First of all value and take care of items that you already own. Choose better and shop less, only buy pieces that you love 100%.

Go for clothing that is of high quality and durable. Choose natural fibres that wear better with age and can be repaired more easily.

Support ethical brands that produce in small batches with care and attention using materials that command greater respect. When respect is shown to the product this ethos echos through the whole process.

Buy vintage or second hand, regenerate and renew items that would end up in landfills. Start by organising your clothing, look at what you already have. Chances are you have the same piece in the back of your wardrobe that you bought yesterday.

You can make a change today in the way that you buy your clothing and become fashion conscious 👀🌏👌

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