A little about who we are…

It all started with a campervan and a calendar of shows over a decade ago. The aim was to use all of the skills that I had gathered over the past 20 years within the fashion Industry and turn them into a concept that was a commercial venture.

I often get asked why the name ‘Goose’? The answer is closely related to the name that I used to call my Mother when I was a child. It’s also a playful name that we can have lots of fun with. The first being the initial tag we used ‘find your feathers’. Goose is all about being comfortable in what we are wearing. This is the general ethos of the range, ‘Feel good in Goose’ being the current message.

Throughout the business we work with the general feeling that if it feels right then we go with our instincts. We work with partners across the globe in various aspects of the business and have developed strong relations with companies that share our values.

Based in Derbyshire we are very fortunate to be inspired by our landscape the nature of the rugged moors and the epic change of seasons. We have interpreted this visual inspiration into exclusive hand drawn prints that intertwine within the range to add highlights and depth.

Goose is an easy-to-wear collection of wardrobe staples. The brand offers a clear concise look and has developed over the years with a signature colour palette that is easily recognisable.

We think we have achieved a collection that transcends the seasons. Easy wear winners in premium yarns and lightweight layers with exceptionally soft hand feel.

I hope that you like the new direction Goose has taken and to many of our customers who have been with us from the start, I hope that you continue to enjoy feeling good in Goose.


Founder and Creative Director