At Goose we believe in slow fashion. That means we make garments in good quality materials that are classic and timeless.

By using natural and breathable yarns we ensure that our clothes are a pleasure to wear. We favour fibres that wear well with age and that can be easily repaired.

Our clothes are made to be worn often. We hope that you will value them and make them part of your own everyday wardrobe.We design styles that ignore fluctuating trends but go on season after season.

We follow the principles of recycling, reusing and reducing our demands on the earth’s resource. Therefore transportation of the majority of our goods takes the slow route by sea.

We collaborate with factories that hold many of the certifications and memberships to fair-trade and environmental platforms. We are aware that all our actions have consequences and we continue to make changes where we can.

Fashion can be a deliberate choice to buy better quality items at a fair price less often. Our job is to make clothes that are environmentally and ethically conscious by producing styles in small batches.

With slow fashion comes transparency. We want to share with you our identity, our creativity and make you part of our process. We are proud to tell you the story behind the brand.